Stop Consuming This “Healthy” Food, Cause It Cause Cancer And Brain Damage



Cancer is the most common disease among people nowadays and many people are constantly trying to eat healthier foods.


Vegans and vegetarians choose tofu as a healthy alternative for milk, eggs and meat.

However, it has been found that it is much better to consume milk, meat and eggs in moderation, rather than soy and soy products.

Dr. Daniel, a world renowned medical expert, claims that soy beans processed on high temperature and pressure and treated with different chemicals become toxic and carcinogenic.

People who regularly consume soy are at particular risk of the following diseases:

  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Reproductive problems
  • Brain damage
  • Early puberty and hormonal disorders
  • Risk of heart problems, stroke
  • Loss of immunity
  • Problems with the thyroid gland (resulting in fatigue, hair loss and weight, malaise)

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In 1999, FDA stated that soy can prevent heart disease, therefore Dr. Daniel and his colleagues signed a petition in which they demanded revocation of their statement.

Furthermore, mothers should feed their babies exclusively with natural products and avoid formulas since they contain soy and expose children to chemicals and hormones that act like estrogen in concentration 6-11 higher than in adults who consume soy, and 13,000-22,000 higher than the natural estrogen in the blood.

More precisely, consuming formulas is similar to taking 5 contraceptive pills a day.

A few more reasons why you should avoid soy:

  • Leads to chronic diseases, stomach issues, blood clots, thyroid problems
  • It`s high in pesticides
  • It is genetically modified
  • Alters the secretion of enzymes that break down proteins, leading to gastrointestinal diseases, lack of amino acids, pancreatic disorders, and even cancer.
  • It contains compounds that reduce or block the absorption of minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc).

Try to eat unrefined, fermented food that has not been processed and avoid any product that contains soy, including soy milk, protein shakes, ice cream made with soy, energy bars, burgers, etc.

If you insist on using soy, it should be fermented soy products such as:

  • Soy sauce- made from fermented enzymes, salt and soy beans
  • Miso-spice from fermented soy mainly used for soup
  • Tempeh cheese- it has a taste that resembles mushroom
  • Nato-fermented soy beans, rich in vitamin k2, enzyme nattokinase that prevents blood clots and the useful bacteria bacillus subitilis.


Source: healthyfoodteam


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