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Is the life of a certain depends on which blood group he/she has? Many researches have shown that this depends because one blood type is far more resistant to certain types of diseases compared to others. This means that people who have this blood type live longest compared to the others.


Researchers also came to a conclusion that the blood types can affect man’s overall health. Researches claim that people who have blood type A are less resistant to malaria than people with the other blood types.

According to this we can say that blood type A is weaker than the others. But, which blood type is the strongest and the most resistant to diseases?

Long-term studies have shown that blood type 0 is the strongest among all blood types. It has been proven that people who have blood type 0 are more resistant and has less risk of dealing with cardiovascular diseases as well as strokes and heart attacks, they rarely suffer from memory-related diseases and health conditions and several types of cancer, such as stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. Due to organism’s resistance to diseases, people who have blood type 0 live the longest, compared to others.

One of the proven reasons why blood type 0 is the healthiest to have is the fact that this blood type contains fewer molecules that cause blood coagulation, and strokes and heart attacks are caused by blood coagulation. Things that are good for the heart are also good for the brain. Numerous risk factors that cause cardiovascular diseases and health conditions are also risk factors for mental diseases occurrence.

It is well known that high cholesterol levels and diabetes might cause cardiovascular diseases, but they are also linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Source: healthyfoodstar


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