He Put A Hidden Camera In His Mother’s Room, What He Discovered Was Unimaginable


Can you ever imagine that someone is hurting your mum, that she is crying for assist and shouting due to a lot ache.

What you will do if you see that someone is mistreating your mum ?


Camille is the man who took a nurse to take care of his mom while he is on work. He was very flawed. The first day when he came home he noticed brushes and scratches on the face of his mother. This was the thing that provokes him to put a hidden camera in the room so he will see how the nurse is taking care of his other.

He was greater than stunned when he checked the digital camera that he hid inside his mom’s room.

He saw how this employees blown his nostril within the mattress covers of Camille Mother. He noticed how different residents stroll out and in of his mom’s room

He shared this horrible video to CEO, and they were surprised a lot. They announced:

“That is not acceptable. Based mostly on what I see on the preliminary investigation, It’s completely unacceptable”


Video source: Everyone Matters
Source: healthherbs365


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Written by Martin

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