What Kind Of Tea Suits You According To Your Blood Group


Each blood group has different needs, so accordingly you can determine which tea is best for you.


Blood group A

Due to the increase of the hormone cortisol, people with blood type A are under constant threat from stress. Coffee does not harm these people, but they should consume more fruits and vegetables, meditate and practice yoga.

Tea recommendations: Jasmine in combination with green tea, calendula tea in combination with thyme.

Blood group O

People who have this blood type crave for meat and avoid milk and gluten. These people usually have problems with stomach acid and have no problem with stress.

Tea recommendations: Ginger, green tea, ginseng as well as mint tea.

Blood group AB

People with blood group AB have strong intuition, are not prone to stress and have weak libido.

Tea recommendations: Mint, cranberry and green tea.

Blood group B

These people have a slow metabolism and they are prone to illness, obesity, lethargy, chronic fatigue and insomnia. However, they have resistant digestive system and weak defense against bacteria.

Tea recommendations: Green tea in combination with sage hibiscus and rosehip.


Source: healthyfoodplans

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