What Happens When You Crack Your Neck


This is what happens to your body when you crack your neck.

You must know that stretching and cracking of the neck does not lead to arthritis and other serious illnesses.


Many people have this habit and enjoy it because cracking the neck and spine relaxes them.

The cracking sound when you crack your neck is a sign that the gases are released from the synovial fluid. Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide is released, creating a bubble that pops, producing a temporary relief.

While this can lead to various diseases, arthritis is not one of them. Donald L. Uger have cracked one hand for 30 years, to solve this mystery generally connected with arthritis.

If your neck, shoulder or spine crack all the time, it may be something serious, so it is best to see a doctor.

Cracking tends to stretch ligaments, which makes them less stable.

Unstable ligaments are less likely to withstand the weight of the head and this causes pain. But that does not mean that joint cracking does not imply immediately that you have any problems.

If in doubt by any of these methods, contact your doctor.

Make a fist


Place the fist on the chin, slightly on the right.


Gently push to the left, you will hear cracking.


Place an open hand on the chin of the left side and slowly push to the right.


Make sure you’ve heard cracking



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