Russian Scientists Kept Five People Awake For 30 Days, But They Never Expected This To Happen


The first thing that we need to be successful due the day is sleep. Those hours while sleeping, our organism is rejuvenating in order to have the energy to work during the upcoming day.


A group of Russian experts wanted to discover how the human organism is going to react if it doesn’t sleep at all for 30 days. The results were terrifying .

In late 1940 those who were enemies of the state of  Russian government  took part in the experiment. The goal was to use small doses of an experimental gas that could supposedly eliminate the need for sleep in humans.

They were kept in sealed environment and those who were not included in the experiment plus the experts, mustn’t be exposed of the gas. The experimental humans should not sleep 30 days and the will be released. Everything was monitored and the prisoners were experienced on certain traumas. Four days has passed and the conversation got darker.

After the 5th day, paranoia was woke up in the prisoners. They also complained about the past circumstances and decisions that brought them here. After that they started to speak with their microphones instead of themselves. Apparently, they thought that they could win the trust of the experimenters by betraying and turning in their fellow prisoners.

After the 10th day prisoners started screaming. After their  voices started to be weak they started producing squeaks, which was attributed to the tearing of their vocal cords.

The other prisoner didn’t even reacted on his partner screaming.

It was determined that they weren’t hearing anything from inside. By the fourteenth day, they did something unplanned: they used an intercom to try to get some sort of response from the prisoners. They explained that if they cooperated, the prisoners would be freed. “We no longer want to be freed” said a calm voice.

Due the 15th day their gas was changed into fresh air. The prisoners asked for exchange of the gas. Soldiers arrived to retrieve the prisoners, but soon discovered that only four of the five test subjects were still breathing. The food hadn’t been touched in five days. Pieces of flesh were missing from the dead man’s thighs and chest, later found clogging the drain, flooding the room with four inches of water.

Furthermore, the prisoners which were still breading were missing pieces of flesh. The bravest soldiers didn’t have the courage to take out the death corpus outside.

Unspeakable acts of violence ensued when attempts were made to free the prisoners, with another prisoner killed in the process. When asked why they were behaving this way, they only received one chilling sentence in response: “I must remain awake.”

Soon, soldiers and researchers began shooting at the prisoners. Only one of the original five remained. “What are you?” asked the researcher.

“Have you forgotten so easily?” the subject asked with a smile. “We are you.” The researcher shot the prisoner in the heart. Choking, the test subject said these final words: “So… close…to…freedom.”

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