10 Facts That You Must Know About Cast Iron Pans


If you are not cooking with cast iron pans then maybe you should.

There are 10 true facts about cast iron skillet that make it essential for you to have one and to use in cooking, here they are:


1. Cast Iron Pans Are Free From Toxic Material

Mist non-stick pans tend to release harmful toxins into your food when they are scratched, however cast iron skillet is absolutely toxic free.

2. Get You Iron Supply

When you cook highly acidic foods like tomatoes using cast iron, it enriches the food with Iron and it is the only cooking ware known to provide you with your daily supply of iron.

3. Cast Iron Skillets Last Longer

Cast iron can last a lifetime with good care. It can also be reconditioned if you like.

4. Your Foods Taste Better

Your food tastes better when you use cast iron skillets. Cast iron cookware does not need much oil when you are cooking and your foods tend to come out well flavoured.

5. Cleaning It Is Easy

To wash you cast iron skillet you need only hit water and a non-abrasive sponge, there us no need for soap.

6. Cast Iron Skillets Are Affordable

Getting a brand new pre-seasoned cast iron skillet can be obtained at a price of $20.00. Since cast iron cookware are extremely durable it’s quite a bargain as it can be passed down.

7. Cast Iron Pans Are Non-Sticky

A seasoned cast iron pan is non-sticky and the reason behind this is the accumulation of oil from previous cooking would have formed a non-stick coating on the pan and naturally keep it non-sticky.

8. Cast Iron Skillets Are Ancient

Did you know your forefathers used cast iron cookware?

It is believed that cast iron pans have been in use for more than 2,500 years.

The Chinese in the 4th century B.C are believed to have been the first to use cast iron pans and it got to England in the 12th century while they were a thing to be desired in the U.S in the 18th century; so it is tried and tested through time.

9. Cast Iron Pans Are Great For Your Stove Top

You can use cast iron pans on your charcoal grill or stove top, you can even put it in an oven as it can resist very high heating temperatures without any damage to the structure of the pan.

10. It Has Better Distribution Of Heat

When you use cast iron cookware you distribute heat evenly which helps with the cooking and it can be used on a high heat unlike other non-stick pans that have a thin metal that cannot distribute heat as quickly as cast iron.


Source: healthyfoodplans


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