Get Rid Of Spots, Hyperpigmentation And Stains With This Old Indian Method


A skin disorder characterized with dark areas on the skin is called hyperpigmentation. This can be caused due to sunlight exposure, pregnancy, certain diseases, age, or trauma. The causes can be divided into external and internal.


The first are those that come from the environment like sun exposure or chemical compounds such as progesterone, estrogen, minocycline, betaxolol, and many more, while the latter are related to heritage.

There is an amazing recipe which can help you with this condition.


  • 1 tsp of lemon juice;
  • 1 tsp of turmeric powder;

How to make:

Mix the ingredients well and apply on the affected area. Let it act for 15 minutes to dry and then rinse with cold water. It is recommended to apply it before taking a shower. Repeat the treatment 1-2 times a day for optimal results. Those that have sensitive skin should dilute the lemon juice or use milk instead.

Lemon has the ability to bleach the skin and encourage its peeling, while turmeric brightens the skin and works as an anti-inflammatory agent, making the skin glow.


Source: healthylifebase


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