What Position Of Sleep Reveals About Your Personality


Read this article about your sleeping positions and you will learn new things about yourself.

Fetal position

This sleeping position shows that you need protection. Often, you want others to understand you and to sympathize with you. These people try to cut themselves from the problems in everyday life. You can try painting, dancing or writing a blog.



On your side with knees sticking out

If you lie on your side and stick your knees out, it means that you are a calm and reliable person. The future does not scare you. You are an optimistic person who is always smiling. In addition, you are a flexible person who can adjust to any changes in life without problems.

Lying on the back

You are a positive person who enjoys life, is always at the centre of attention and likes good company. You may be stubborn and persistent, in a rational way. Also, you are a sincere person who always tells the truth. People sleeping in this position usually have very strong personalities.

Lying on the stomach

If lying on the stomach with arms and legs sticking out is your sleeping position, you are a leader. You are an impulsive and initiative person who wants order in your personal and professional life. You don’t want surprises because you want everything to be planned in advance.

One leg raised

If you sleep with your leg raised, you have an unpredictable personality. You are drawn to many types of adventures, but your changing mood can be confusing for the people around you. You can’t bring decisions and choices easily. Anyway, you prefer stability, peace, and quiet in work and life in general.

Soldier at attention position

If you sleep lying on your back with your arms at your sides, then you are a well-adjusted person who has goals in life which you attempt to achieve. These people can be strict, pedantic and demanding. But, it is yourself you demand most from.

If you didn’t find yourself in any of these sleeping positions, it can be a sign that you have a multifaceted personality and many interests you don’t fully understand yet.


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