Just Glass Of This And Your Liver Will Be Renewed


No matter if you are strictly decided to start with healthy diet,if you still continue living a moder way of life then be sure that is not possible.That is why a lot of people are lack of main nutrients which are necessary to their body,but most of them nowadays can be full of harmful additives.


Sometimes this cannot be said for the organic food like,fruits and vegetables,but recent researches have shown that even fruits and vegetables are laden with pesticides.

This kind of foods are the only responsible for problems with your liver.When thing organ gets hurt then you can have more bigger problems because it will not be able to eliminate toxins from your body anymore.

According to health experts, liver detox is something everyone should practice every now and then. By doing a liver detox, you don’t only remove harmful toxins that build up in your liver, but, you also improve the absorption of the proteins and their synthesis. In other words, a liver detox will boost overall liver function.

Detoxify your liver and improve its function with this recipe!

Diet plays a vital part in your liver health. Providing the liver with important nutrients through the food you consume is essential for maintaining proper liver function, especially if you know that liver disease can go unnoticed for quite long before it becomes more serious and harder to treat.

The best way to protect yourself against illnesses such as hepatitis or fatty liver is to cleanse your liver regularly.



  • some lemon juice (grate the rind as well)
  • a handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 1l filtered water
  • some orange juice
  • raw honey to taste

How to make:

Boil a water and then just add a few mint leaves.Leave the water to simmer for 5 minutes and then remove it from heat.When it gets cool,add the orange juice and lemon juice along with the grated lemon.If you want to taste better add some honey.

This powerful recipe can cleanse your liver,plus it can improve your digestion.You can drink it cold or hot.


Source: mycentralhealth


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