How To Eliminate Asthma With This Juice


Many people that are suffering asthma are facing the fact that there is no hope of any remedy or holistic cure. A puffer is effective when the attack occurs, but the question is can you really prevent the attack? How would you do that without taking any chemicals?


Usually, children are in the category where asthma is more presented, but also lots of people over the world are suffering asthma no matter their age. Asthma is chronic lung ailment that is obstructing the airways, which is resulting with agony in breathing and extra mucus.

Asthmatic America

Over 25 million Americans are facing asthma. This is a huge number of people which day is starting with coughing, that leads to chest tightness and snorting, short breading and total airway obstruction.

The people affected with asthma are very limited in doing things, because the attacks may occur any time.

The power of lemon-water

Every person should start the day with a cup of lemon-water, and especially the people who are having asthma. As we all know, lemon is containing Vitamin C that is great antioxidant, so the lemon juice is cleaning the airways and is improving the immune system.

The stress is a great factor that is stimulating the asthmatic attack, because when a person is stressed, the immune system is stressed as well.

Other reason to start the day with a glass of lemon-water is the fact that the lemon is including ingredients which are disabling the growth of bacteria and infections. If you add some ginger to the mixture it will be great thing in the struggle against asthma.

Ginger is having perfect anti-inflammatory properties and is helping the obstructed airways.

Recipe of anti-asthmatic drink


  • Water
  • Lemons
  • Ginger

How to make:

Cut the lemons, put them into the water and add some ginger (if you like its taste). For some energy boost and even better taste you can put a little bit of maple syrup.

With this drink you will have impact on asthma before the asthma impacts you.


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