Stop Eating Them Daily, They Can Kill You


Carelessly prepared food can be harmful and even life-threatening for you. To avoid food poisoning, you need to properly prepare and properly preserve. However, there are foods that are natural toxic.



Mushrooms – if you read it yourself, do not forget that about 6% of  mushrooms are toxic. Their venom is fatal.

Beans – contains large amounts of toxins lectins. Plant lectin acts as a kind of primitive protection system analogous to human antibodies. Only three cooked beans can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Rhubarb – green leaves contain oxalic acid. Therefore, you can get kidney stones, but if you eat a larger quantity, it can be fatal.

Tomatoes – leaf and green part on the fruit contains a toxin Tomatin. It can be used in pest control. Persons suffering from rheumatism should avoid eating tomatoes.

Apples – the seeds they contain cyanide. If you eat them in large quantities, maybe you can get poisoning. Do not forget to discard seeds.

Potatoes – Green potatoes contain higher amounts Glycoalkaloids poison. Deaths are rare, but they are recorded.

Cherries – seeds contain cyanide. If you swallow a few seeds, you can expect to poison, increase in body temperature extremes, very difficult to breathing. Do not forget to discard seeds.

Brazil nuts – foods with the highest doses of natural radioactivity (800 times the concentration of the radioactive than in any other food).

Pufferfish – Japanese delicacy can lead to paralysis and death. Chefs train two to three years to learn is to prepare. Be careful about what you eat.

Nutmeg – known hallucinogen. It can lead to a psychosis which is associated with a sense of certain doom. Overdose can you violate psychological state.


Source: fhfn


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