Hang This Outside Your Home And The Results Will Amaze You


Summer is already here, and also a vitamin D, great outdoor conversations and the flies which are annoying as hell. They are also disgusting. Despite they are annoying thy are dangerous, because they contain 200 kinds of bacteria.


The bacteria are transferred immediately where the flies stepped on the field. Fortunately, we offer you a quick and simple trick to get rid of these nasty and annoying insects.

to make a fly chaser all the material you already got at home. You just have to read this article till the end.


  • Water
  • 4 pennies
  • A plastic zip-up bag

How to make:

Fill the plastic zip-up bag halfway with water and add the pennies. Seal the bag, and hang it by an open window or on a clothesline. Your fly chaser is ready.

These insects have compound eyes. The added pennies in the water form prisms of light which makes flies to see more than one plastic bag. This confuses them, and makes them believe there are many bags, and since they are afraid of water, it will keep them away.

For more details take a look on the video, and its preparation will be easier for you.


Video source: 1BettyBill
Source: healthherbs365

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