8 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Today, 5 Will Surprise You


With all the research that has been done, and all common knowledge people have learned throughout the years, it’s not surprising that people everywhere are beginning to quit smoking. You shouldn’t really need more convincing evidence too make the choice to quit smoking, but just in case you do, here are some of the amazing things that will happen to you when you quit…


1. Save time and money

Smoking a pack a day will cost the average smoker about $500 a month, plus a couple tanks of gas, and several trips to the local store, or market. When you quit you will be able to have more money to save up for a vacation, or some new clothes you’ve been wanting. You can also spend more time relaxing or hanging out with your friends because you aren’t constantly needing smoke breaks.

2. Keeps you out of danger

When you are an avid smoker you have some days where you don’t have any money with you, and you’ve run out of cigarettes. Then the cravings kick in, and you are willing to go just about anywhere to find someone to lend you a smoke or two. People are most commonly seen smoking around bars, and gas station stores, which are not always a safe places to be around. So once you lose the cravings you can start hanging around safer places.

3. You obtain more self control

Scientist have done research showing that participating in acts including smoking are a failure of self control, and the less you use it the weaker it becomes. Choosing to start smoking, and continuing to smoke are decisions of self medication, and not self control. Participating in activities like yoga and exercise are a good ways to reduce stress and use self control.

4. Increases your productivity

Now that you aren’t always holding a cigarette in your hand you are free to accomplish more tasks. Another perk is that you wont need to constantly look for areas that allow you to smoke, and be able to focus on what you really wanted to do that day. Then when you walk by people smoking you can feel some relief that that isn’t you anymore.

5. Food will taste better

Smoking tobacco can often leave its strong flavor in your mouth throughout the day, making it an addition flavor to all of your meals. Often it is not a good flavor, it can actually dull your sense of taste, making everything taste more bland and unpleasant. Additionally, since you wont constantly have the smell of cigarette smoke in your nose all the time, your sense of smell will become greatly improved as well.

6. Breathe better

Being able to breath deeper, and fuller breaths, are just some of the many benefits the disappearance of smoke in your lungs has. Additionally your lung capillaries, which were severely constricted when you were smoking, are now growing back to full size, absorbing more oxygen, and becoming generally healthier. People who smoke risk over a 20%, even more if you’re a woman, higher chance of dying of lung cancer compared to people who didn’t smoke.

7. Get a better night sleep

Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which is a stimulant that increases your heart beat, and makes achieving deep levels of sleep more difficult. Smoking less than 3 hours before bed makes it more difficult for your body to reach a calm state , and fall asleep. So when you eliminate it from your life you should feel more relaxed and sleep better immediately.

8. Give off a more pleasant aroma

The smell of a cigarette absorbs into your skin, nails, hair, and pretty much all the clothes you’re wearing when you smoke. Most people who don’t smoke will find the smell of smoke on you unpleasant, so by quitting you become more attractive to a wider variety of people. Additionally, it can reduce the appearance wrinkles on your skin, giving you a much younger, healthier look.


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