Father Climbs Into Baby Crib To Calm His Crying, What Happens Next Is Hilarious


A new father demonstrates a novel technique for getting a crying baby to sleep in a hilarious home video.


Nunzio Raso from Ontario, Canada, is seen climbing into his daughter Michela’s crib after his efforts to soothe her from the sidelines fail to work.

Immediately, once he’s hoisted himself over the railings and lay down, everything goes silent, as little Michela snuggles up on his chest and dozes off.

Once she got a hold of him, there was no way she would let go.

This video was uploaded in 2009, now it’s 2016 and I think he might still be trapped in there.


Video source: Nunzio Raso
Source: healthysolutionsmagazine

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Written by Martin

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