Get Rid OF Facial Redness Forever With These Simple Tricks


If you’re one of the unfortunate ones which have unusually red facial skin, which lights up whenever you feel excited, drink a glass or two of alcohol or eat spicy foods you might be suffering from rosacea. It usually starts with redness and soon swells up and breaks out in acne and these are clear indicators you’re suffering from rosacea.


People who have this condition are usually embarrassed from it and it makes them feel insecure. However, this doesn’t have to be the case because here’s a way you can prevent the redness and it’s as simple as it can be. A few minutes before some public appearance or before an event that makes you sick in the stomach hold an ice cube in your mouth. You’ll block the impulses of the nerves that activate the redness.

Things to watch out for

If you have reddish skin which gets inflamed easily, it’s best if you maintain it fresh, cool and covered all the time. Some people flare up after a spicy or hot meal, a cup of tea or soup so avoid these meals if you can. Dermatologists advise that you have with you, at all times, a bottle of moisturizer with fresh, mineral water and spray your face with it every hour while you’re out.

Be careful under the sun

When you think about keeping your skin refreshed and moisturized you also need to think about its protection. In other words, whenever you go out on a sunny day wear a hat or a cap which will cover your face. Use a sun blocker, not sunscreen, because sunscreen allows the sun to penetrate your skin but the sun blockers prevent it from doing so. Use blockers with zinc oxide, they’re the best. Make sure you’re covered at all times, even if you go to the local store.

Beauty hacks

Latest researches in cosmetics have revealed that green and white tea extract are very beneficial when it comes to skin care. The green tea extract can be taken internally and it’s usually recommended as a great weight loss stimulant because the compounds in green and white tea as well boost the metabolism.

Green tea is especially beneficial for people suffering from rosacea because in combination with caffeine it reduces the harmful effects of sun exposure.


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