Woman Cured Her Rheumatism With This Recipe, Аlthough Doctors Were Skeptical


Inflamed tonsils, rheumatism, could be treated with chestnut honey and ground pepper applied on a towel that you will wrap around your neck. Overnight, the tonsils will gradually pull away.


“I was capable of cure my arm rheumatism, numbness, and strong pain after the doctors failed to.” said the reader.



  • 1 liter of rainwater or distilled water
  • 2 kg of organic meadow honey
  • 250 grams of dry alfalfa clovers

How to make and use:

Boil for One hour on low heat and later on strain the content, combine it with the honey and consume 2 spoons after having a meal, 3 times a day.Based on the woman’s individual experience, following this treatment you will not have the numbness, there will be no painful, night ache and waking up during nighttime and you may not drop things from your hands.


Source: themagicoflife

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