How To Recognize GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps


Do you know how to distinguish between GMO and real, organic tomatoes? In case you don’t, we offer you a simple way which will be of great use the next time you buy tomatoes.


Namely, the FDA has decided to keep the consumers in dark and not let them know that the tomatoes they consume may be hybrid sort with from genes, which are resistant to low temperatures. Even though some people are not worried about this at all, those who are will be happy to learn that there is a way to recognize GMO tomatoes.
Here is how you can find out:

Fruits and veggies which are conventionally grown typically have a tag with a code which is composed of four digits.

The price tag of organically grown fruits and veggies consists of five digits, starting with the number 9.

Genetically modified fruits and veggies have price tags with a 5-digit code, beginning with the number 8.

It is very important to take these tips into consideration, because over 80% of the processed food in the U.S is genetically modified.

The production and selling of GMO products is banned in many European countries, including Luxemburg, Hungary, Germany, France, Greece, and Austria.

The decision is up to you consumers! You decide whether you are going to follow the tips above and choose the right produce or consume whatever you are offered with.


Source: healthherbs365


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