Make Garlic And Onion Last For Months With This Simple Trick


Garlic and onion are some of the most used products around the world. People often tend to buy them in bulk to avoid going to market again and again. A big problem face by many people is vegetable when bought in bulk catch bacteria and start to rot. We have a simple and inexpensive way to keep your garlic and onion fresh for not days but months.



  • Fresh Garlic and Onion
  • Brown paper bags
  • Paper clips
  • A hole punch


Punch the upper half of the paper bags randomly. Punch the holes spaced an inch or so from each other. You can punch in any way and sequence you like. These holes are for ventilation. Fill the bags with garlic or onion up to half full. Fold the top and label it. Paper clip the bag and you can store in the same place as before. Make sure that the bags have sufficient space between them for air circulation.

The lifetime of garlic and onion will be significantly increased with this method of storage. However, do keep in mind that their life also depends on other factors such as temperature and humidity in the area of storage etc.

More tips:

For best results store in cool, dry and dark areas.
Basements can be good places for storage.
You can use plastic bins to keep the bags, the bins with holes in them will ensure air circulation.
Don’t store onions in refrigerators as it will make them soft and they will impart their flavor on other products.
Never use plastic bags. No air circulation makes the onions go bad quickly also makes the onions sprout fast.
Do not keep potatoes and onions close to each other. They accelerate the spoilage of each other.


Source: healthyadvicer

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