50 Ways to Use Vaseline In Under 2 Minutes


Vaseline is an product that we all need, the reason it can be used are countless. It is very important for every day beauty routine.


Vaseline is harmless and safe whether you use it for your skin, hair or your nails. If you want to know exactly what petroleum jelly does, take a look here.

In a combination with a sea salt you can make a scrub! The feeling it give when using it with an steamy shower is wonderful. When applied before spritzing a perfume on the same points it actually keeps the perfume scent for a lot longer.

Blend a little Vaseline with a little Cool-Aid powder and you can have a great flavored and shaded lip gloss. These are only few ways you can use the vaseline, but wait until you watch the video. You will regret why you didn’t’ knew these hacks before.


Video source: C0OK1EMONSTER
Source: healthyadvicer


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Written by Martin

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