Relieve Lower Back Pain With This Effective Acupressure Points



Lifting something that is too heavy, twisting the wrong way, straining back muscles and genetics are common causes of lower back pain according to Spine-health. The pain can be simply a dull throbbing, a burning sensation or tingling that continues over a period of time. Looking for a way to treat the pain turns people to consider alternative medicine for relief.


Acupressure, according to WebMD, is the ancient Chinese medical practice used “to promote relaxation and wellness and to treat disease.”

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It is simply the application of pressure, or massage, of key pressure points to help restore “health and balance” to the body. Hundreds of acupressure points exist within the human body; and although some of the benefits of the points overlap, each point accomplishes something unique, too.

Which acupressure points may help you relieve lower back pain?

According to Modern Reflexology, two important acupressure points for lower back pain are GB30 and B48. Massaging the GB30 is supposed to lessen hip pain, pain in the buttocks, lower back pain, sciatica, muscle spasms and hip joint pain.

Massaging B48 should lessen hip pain, sciatica and pain in the sacral area. Modern Reflexology warns that often the B48 points can be very sensitive and inflamed if you are already experiencing back pain, and care should be used when massaging them.

What else can these points help with?

Besides helping with back pain, B48 is supposed to be useful in treating diabetes and diarrhea. GB30 can be used to help with hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body) and leg pain.

What else can you do to relieve lower back pain?

WebMD lists some other things you can do to help manage lower back pain. Ice helps lessen inflammation. Continuing to move around keeps the muscles from tightening up and having spasms. Do strengthening exercises to keep the muscles surrounding the hurt area is recommended. Not wearing heals above one inch helps with posture and lower back pain. Lastly, it recommends keeping your weight down.

No one likes to be in pain. Exercise and a little massage may be all that’s necessary to alleviate the discomfort you experience.


Source: healthexpertgroup

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