8 Different Ways You Hug Your Partner And What They Mean


Body language can indicate something very different than we just say. It can provide:

  • Show if someone is being threatening or is feeling threatened;
  • Comfort level between two people;
  • Indicates the relationship between two people.


However, it can go at a much deeper level. There is likewise a breakdown of what body language means within different kind of relationships. We will look at the different ways couples hug and what it actually means. This is a good temperature gage for how happy they are together.

A happy couple will certainly employ one of these ways of hugging.

This type of hugging means that the other person means something to you as you are relaxed and comfortable around him/her.


Hugging someone from behind and holding that person means protection. The one who is hugging from behind feels that they can provide security and comfort to their partner.


Direct eye contact for a longer period of time while hugging with your partner signifies deep and authentic connection.


When you rub someone’s back while embracing them is a way of showing that person that you are there for them, that you care and want to listen/help them.


This one is less romantic, but is mostly of comforting nature. Putting your arm around the other person’s shoulder is a sing of friendship which denotes that you can lean on that person.


Patting on the back while hugging is platonic and shows that the person is not seeking for intimacy and also keeps the things light during the hug.


If the bodies are far apart when you hug, it denotes that you feel uncomfortable, showing that there is some kind of uncertainty in that relationship. People that just met hug like hits, so this is not that bad.


This shows that one of the partners in not as into the other one. This is when one of them is using both of the hands wrapped around the other person’s body in a clingy gesture while his arm is loosely draped across her shoulders. His body is leaning out away from her. This is a cold relationship.



Source: healthylifebase


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