Ladies, If You Shave Your Intimate Parts You MUST Read This



Women remove their hair from the intimate parts for years. In fact a recent study showed that most of the women fully or partially remove their hair from the intimate zone. Maybe it is a normal thing but not many women know that there are a lot of risks and side effects of it.


“Women do not understand the risks shaving pubic hair, because the shaving of hair from other parts of the body is safe and non-threatening” says Andrea De Maria who led the study published in the journal “American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.”

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The study discovered that 87% of women pay for intimate hairdo at beauty saloon and 90% of them do with a razor. However, genital skin is extremely sensitive, more than the skin on your arms and feets. Therefore, shaving can cause tiny wounds that are not always seen.

That might explain why 60 percent of women stated they experienced side effects after getting rid of pubic hair. The most typical are small cuts, after which there is growing hair. Although small, injuries are not naive and a lot of women feel itching after shaving.

We have a lot of sweat glands below the waist. That means that the area is perfect for bacteria growth. And if the skin has small cuts it small infections may happen. Another thing is that pubic hair in a way is a natural barrier of sexually-transmitted diseases.


Source: themagicoflife


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