Doctors Ar Shocked: She Gave a BIRTH to 11 Babies WITHOUT Caesarean Section


Many couples wants a lot of babies but sometimes they can be surprised by the number of babies they can get.A 43-year-old woman gave birth to 11 healthy baby!The doctors were shocked because they did not have like this situation for years.


Fernandez  and her husband were very surprised and at the same time cheerful because they had problems with conceiving,so they were really content because they now have 11 children.They have desperately wanted to become parents and finally their wish came true.

Six out of 11 boys are identical twins and they are in stable condition in the neonatal intensive care unit at Riley Children’s Hospital.

The doctors were very surprised, and most of them say that they are shocked because they had such a successful birth without caesarean section.

Dr. William Roberts said: ”They come out literally one after another. The Distance from the first baby to the 11th baby was 37 minutes”.

From the hospital the Guinness Book of World Records was contacted and they were given this information. Mariya Fernandez and her family are written in the record book!


Source: mycentralhealth

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