Learn How To Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety in Only 5 Minutes


If you are part of those people who simply cannot cope with yoga exercises, and even less with breathing exercises, you should keep in mind one thing – the researchers found that those who practice this exercise can reduce stress as much as 44% .


Breathing exercises, known as Sudarshan Kriya yoga represent a specific collection of breathing techniques that reduce anxiety as much as 44% over 6 months.

There is a short exercise that has the same effect, and you need only 5 minutes to perform it.

What should you do?

Press and close the right nostril with the thumb. Inhale and exhale with your left nostril, and then press the left nostril with your index finger and inhale and exhale through the right nostril.
By alternately pressing the right and left nostril, repeat the exercise for 5 minutes.
If you practice this exercise daily, you will feel better.


Source: healthbeauty24

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