Everyone Has Cancer Cells In Their Body, This Is How To Prevent Them From Becoming Tumors



Keep in mind that:

Every human body has cancer cells, which occur at least 6 times during life. However, they cannot be recognized by a standard test until they multiply to several billion.


In the case of a strong immune system, these cancer cells are fought, and their multiplication is prevented.

Cancer cells may develop and multiply in the case of deficiency of some important nutrient. Moreover, the most common risk factors include unhealthy lifestyle habits, unhealthy food, environment, and genetics.

You can boost your immune system, and thus prevent the multiplication of cancer cells by consuming healthy food and supplements.

Chemotherapy is detrimental for the person’s lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, and other organs, and it actually kills the rapidly-growing cancer cells, but it destroys the rapidly-growing healthy cells as well.

Healthy cells, organs, and tissues are destroyed by radiation, and it also causes scars and burns.

Initial treatment consisting of radiation and chemotherapy can reduce the tumor’s size, but on the other hand, the prolonged chemotherapy treatment does not destroy more tumors.

Chemo influences the immune system by producing toxins, and thus making the patient susceptible to further complications and infections.

Radiation and chemo lead to the mutation of cancer cells, thus making it extremely hard to destroy cancer. Cancer may be spread to other body areas by surgery as well.

The avoidance of foods which support the multiplication of cancer cells, you can prevent them from becoming tumors.

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Which food is beneficial for cancer cells?

Cancer cells live in an acidic environment, so you should substitute processed foods and read meat, which increase the acidity, with chicken and fish.

Cancer cells feed on mucus, and the intake of milk creates mucus, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, replace it with unsweetened soya.

Cancer cells feed on sugar, so you should avoid sugar entirely, and you can consume molasses or Manuka honey instead, but in moderate amounts.

Alkalize your body by consuming seeds, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Consume more vegetable juices and eat raw vegetables a few times a day, as fresh vegetable juices give live enzymes and stimulate the growth of healthy cells. These enzymes are killed at higher temperatures, that is, 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).

Supplements like vitamin E, which leads to apoptosis, or a programmed cell death, EFAs,  Beta Glucan, minerals, antioxidants, IP6, Flor-essence, Essiac, vitamins, strengthen the immune system and thus fight against cancer cells.

Always drink filtered or purified water, and avoid dangerous heavy metals and toxins in tap water.

Drink green tea instead of coffee and chocolate, as they are rich in caffeine, and this tea has powerful properties that fight cancer.

Digestive enzymes need much time to digest meat proteins, so the undigested meat remains in the intestines and causes accumulation of toxins.

Therefore, reduce or avoid meat, so that your body can produce more enzymes, which are extremely important for attacking the protein walls of affected cancer cells. In this way, the body will easily fight its cancer cells.

Cancer cells are not able to live in an oxygenated environment, so make sure you exercise regularly and breathe deeply, in order to provide sufficient oxygen supply to the cellular level and thus kill cancer cells.

Cancer affects your body, as well as your spirit and mind. Therefore, you should stay positive, and have an optimistic attitude towards your treatment in order to fight this deadly disease.

Avoid stress, bitterness, anger, and sadness as they contribute to an acidic environment in your body, and relax and live your life completely satisfies, happy, and fulfilled.


Source: healthadvisorgroup


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