Unusual Breast Changes That Could Mean Danger


Often breast self examinations are very important, so you shall check them, just in case to be sure.

This is all true, the prove for that is the value of a mammography is several times questionable.


During your monthly examinations, here are eleven symptoms you should keep an eye out for that may indicate a serious problem. If you find some of these symptoms you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Reduction in Breast Size

This illness indicates weight loss, so if you’re not on diet, but you still lose weight consult a doctor.

  1. Sudden growth in Breast Size

This is not a certain symptom of cancer, but in some way may be the sign. Breasts will swell and recede corresponding to your regular monthly cycle so you may need to track the changes for several months to find out if these changes truly are abnormal.

  1. Skin irritation under the breasts

Sensitive, itchy, irritated skin under the breasts that cannot be attributed to an article of clothing, laundry detergent, seasonal changes, or personal care product can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.

  1. Different sized breasts

Women naturally have asymmetrical breasts, but what may be cause for concern is the sudden growth or reduction in the size or shape of one breast and not the other, especially if this change doesn’t return to normal through the course of a couple of monthly cycles.

  1. Lump in breast tissue

Lumps naturally occur in the breast for many reasons. They are often benign and will disappear on their own. Not all cancerous lumps are painful. If the lump is firm compared to surrounding tissue, it should definitely be examined. The presence or absence of pain doesn’t guarantee anything

  1. Nipple hair 

If you have hair more than usual on your nipple, face, chest, stomach, back of some other parts, that m any be indicator of cancer. You must visit a doctor immediately.


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