Natural Remedy For Menstrual Pains Better Than a Pill


The women menstrual cycle existed long before pharmacies, where we can buy painkillers 24 hours a day.

Therefore, traditional medicine was the only aid they removed the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS, and we present one that is the best.


One study shows that 50% of women have cramps during menstruation, 10% experienced so much pain because of them that they can not carry out daily activities.

Although pills solve this problem for half an hour, natural remedies are not as fast, but can be equally effective and healthier – without any consequences of the stomach and the whole organism.

One of the oldest recipes against menstrual pain and other unpleasant problems such as arthritis, poor circulation, etc. It is that the castor oil.

Castor oil as a remedy for pain and inflammation has been used since ancient Egypt and Greece. Combined with the heat, it is activated and skin absorbs, as a result, the nerves and muscles are maximally relax and reduce muscle spasms and pain.


  • castor oil
  • hot-water bottle
  • cotton cloth

How to use:

Grease the lower back (the area of the stomach and ovaries) with the oil in a thick layer. Then lie on your stomach so greasy back to cover with cotton cloth. Put the hot water bottle on it and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Remove the hot-water bottle back and if necessary leave the towel on your skin to soak up all the oil. This coating will relieve symptoms such as cramps and abdominal pain.

Extra Tips:

1. Put the coating only on your back as the heat of the hot-water bottle may be too aggressive for ovaries.

2. You can spread the oil on the stomach also, but in that case, warm the stomach only with the cloth without water bottle, and leave on for 20-45 minutes.


Source: finelivingadvice


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