Never Ignore This Leg Pain, It Can Have Deadly Consequences



People rarely take leg pain seriously because they think it’s nothing serious. Most of us think that it’s only chest pain that we should be worried about but the truth is that leg pain, even though it’s not severe, can sometimes have life-threatening consequences.


Do you have a ticking time-bomb in your legs?

Do you have leg cramps while you move, which gradually worsen as you move faster? The leg pain doesn’t go away unless you sit down and it never appears unless you start walking? Don’t ignore this pain even if it’s not severe!

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Blocked blood vessels

Leg cramps can be a clear indicator of cardiovascular diseases, inflammations and weakened veins and arteries which cause fat to start building up on the insides of your blood vessels’ walls. Leg pain can indicate blocked or weakened arteries and veins and if you don’t react in time it can have life-threatening consequences. It can lead to a heart attack or a stroke as well as an aneurism which can become weak and rupture, endangering your life. In some cases this condition can even lead to gangrene and a leg amputation.

Among the first symptoms you can notice leg pain while walking, in the leg muscle, but it can also originate in the hips or buttocks. Walking up or down hills or carrying a heavy weight can only worsen the pain. If you sit still the pain disappears within minutes. If the pain only appears while you move it’s a symptom of blocked and weakened blood vessels in your legs. It appears because the blood flow is obstructed and your toes aren’t getting enough blood.

The sooner you realize your problem and consult a specialist to check your pulse and leg and arms pressure the lesser the damage.   Consulting a doctor in this case and figuring out exactly what’s causing your leg pain can actually save your life. In many cases the solution is really simple; a few basic exercises can ease the pain and improve your circulation.


Source: mrhealthylife


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