Are You Wearing Cancer-Causing Sandals? It’s About Time To Throw Away Those Crocks-Like Shoes


During a research conducted in Germany, the experts discovered that the plastic clogs include significant amount of carcinogenic substances that are very dangerous for the people who wear them, increasing the risk of developing cancer.


During this research, 10 pairs of plastic clogs were tested from various brands. The scientists were shocked when discovered that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were contained in 6 of 10 samples. PAHs are highly carcinogenic substances that can stimulate mutation in the cells if absorbed.

They are especially harmful if one inhales them, but they can also penetrate through the skin. The scientists reported that the black clogs were particularly high in these substances. In 7 of the 10 pairs of clogs were discovered solvents and heavy metals. Our body absorbs these dangerous substances through the skin.

You can protect yourself by wearing socks when wearing those clogs. The scientists concluded that the original Crocks didn’t include PAHs, but they include minimum of 4 allergic substances.


Source: timeforhealthyfood


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Written by Martin

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