Here’s How To Clean The Pillows You Are Sleeping On



Pillows should be cleaned at least three times a year, but spring is the perfect time to give them a part of spring cleaning and devote special attention.


And according to the director of the Sleep to Live Institute in the US, Robert Oexmana, pillow should be changed every six months.

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If you have pillows that can be washed in a washing machine, and it is not damaged, certainly in the washing machine drum, put two pillows. If only one there will remain too much space in the drum washing machine, and the pillow could be more easily damaged in the wash. Many pillows eventually become yellow, it may not be a problem that will only cover with new pillowcase.

In the drum of washing machine place the pillow, pour hot water, a cup of powder for bleaching clothes, a cup of washing powder and two tablespoons of baking soda. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check the highest temperature you could wash the pillow. After washing the pillow hit it from all sides in order to get more moisture thrown out and thus prevent the formation of mold. Cushion good air dry before you reinsert it in the bed.


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