How to Put Your Make-Up Like A Pro, Simple And Easy


We all know someone that needs only 10 minutes to get ready and yet look nice like if they spend hours and hours getting ready.


Of course, getting ready takes time, but these people actually have learned the right tricks that help them save time and also to choose the right makeup. That is why these people don’t need to spend hours and hours in front of a mirror.

These are the most popular tricks that will help you put on your make-up quickly and professionally:

  1. How to choose the right powder?


To select the tone that suits you, you always need to try out the powder on your neck, not on your hand.

  1. Gently dull you eye-liner


Dull eye-liner will not have the strict line and will immediately give you sexier and smoother look.

  1. Apply high-lighter or white shadow in the right places


Apply high-lighter in the inner corner of the eye and in the center of the eye-lid so that your eyes would look wider. Finally add some of this eye-liner just under your eyebrows and you will get the effect of elevated eyebrows.

  1. Apply mascara the right way


Extend your lashes and make them look thicker. You can do this by moving your applicator back and forth when applying any mascara on upper lashes. Then turn it vertically to apply mascara to the lower lashes.

  1. Improve your application of the ink liner


Place a strip of tape or a bandage and you will realize that applying the ink liner is not that difficult.

  1. Shape your eyebrows


Shaping your eyebrows sometimes lasts forever. But not anymore. Not with this simple trick. All you need is an eye-liner. Use the eye-liner to draw the bottom line, and then using a brush gently spread the eye-liner upward.

  1. Cover the tired and dark eye circles


Color correction is one of the best ways to hide problem areas like under eye bags. Apply a little red lipstick and a concealer on your under eye bags and in no time they will be gone.

  1. Proper lip-draw


Apply the lip-liner in the form of an “X” on the upper lip. This is the best way for drawing your lips and this way your lipstick will last longer.

  1. “Smoky look” in several seconds


Draw the hashtag symbol on the outer part of the upper lid and gently spread it out.

  1. Use the same make-up products on various face areas



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