Cure Bronchitis And Persistent Cough With Cabbage Leaf And Honey In Just 5 Days


Persistent cough can be quite difficult to treat. There are cases when the medications are powerless. There is an old way of treating cough with a cabbage leaf and honey. This is one of the most effective remedies for cough.


Everyone can use this treatment, from children to elder people.

All you need is one cabbage and honey for this treatment.

You will need to do the following:

Take one leaf from the cabbage and put it in boiling water for several minutes. It will become soft. Apply honey on one side of the cabbage leaf.

Apply this side of the cabbage leaf on the patient’s chest. Put nylon bags and envelop it with a towel. Do this before sleeping.

In case of severe cough, you should apply two cabbage leaves, one on the chest and other one on the back. Remove the compresses in the morning. Wash the area where the compress is.

If the bronchitis is in its early stage, you will have positive results after the first treatment. You should do this procedure 5-7 days. You will heal your cough pretty quick with this treatment.

Due to the active substances of cabbage and honey the cough will be greatly reduced as well as the inflammatory process. You can also use castor oil as an alternative to the honey.

People who already used this treatment claim that it is very effective. I already tried it and managed to heal my cough with cabbage and honey. I was amazed by the quick results!

You can also use an old remedy for cough- syrup with radish and honey. It is very useful for children.


Source: timeforhealthyfood

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Written by Martin

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