Reduce Waistline Overnight With This Hot Ginger Coating


Ginger is a superfood that is great for almost all our body systems. It will help in speeding up your metabolic rate, which is a powerful method for losing weight. The ginger layer will also help you achieve the same results.


Ginger layer for weight loss (RECIPE)


  • Ginger powder (freshly ground) – 1 tbsp
  • Terry cloth, plastic foil and elastic bandage
  • and Body lotion – Few tablespoons

Preparation and use:

First,soak the cloth in warm water and wrap around the body area where you want to lose fat. When the cloth is left for a few minutes, it will help in the expansion of the pores. The cloth can gain be dipped in warm water and wrapped around for further expanding the pores.Then mix the ginger and body lotion until you get a paste. Apply it on the area. Make sure to create a thick layer and then wrap it with the plastic foil. Then put the elastic bandage on the foil. Avoid tightening it. Just leave it to be sufficiently comfortable.

Keep it for 4 hours or overnight. You are likely to get a tingling sensation but don’t worry. It means that the ginger coating is working. The mask will help in breaking down the deposit of fat in your body.

To get better results from the coating, you should also switch to a healthier diet and exercise on a regular basis. And also include ginger in your everyday diet. On this way you will burn more fats around the waist.



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Written by Martin

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