Smart Way To Cut A Watermelon And You Never Thought Of It



We are approaching the watermelon season and that means that many of us have had a river of watermelon juice running down our arms at least a few times. It’s part of eating the melon, so we accept it.


But what if there was another way? A cleaner, more efficient way to slice a watermelon that doesn’t require the work of cutting the entire thing down into bite-sized pieces, but will put an end to the mess.

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To get started, cut your watermelon. Make a small slice through the rind all the way around the center. Eventually, it will simply snap in half.

Then flip the watermelon so the fruit is on its end. Then take the peel off. Don’t worry about the extra white bits because you can go back and slice them off later.

Cut off the top and then clean off the white rind.

Now cut it with simple slices. Turn your cutting board 90-degrees and cut again in the opposite direction.

Find a bowl that fits over the top of your watermelon. Now grab your cutting board and flip it over and you’ll be left with a bowl of perfectly cut watermelon.

Isn’t this the easiest way to cut watermelon you’ve ever seen?

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Video source: Jennifer Jenner
Source: healthyrecipeshome


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