Best Way To Control Your Blood Sugar And It Takes Only A Boiled Egg


There’s great truth in the saying ‘you are what you eat’ as our health heavily depends on our diet. If you consider the fact that in the 21st century we also live surrounded by toxins, it becomes clearer why following a healthy, well-balanced diet should be every person’s priority.


On the other hand, hectic modern life leaves little time for homemade nutritious meals, which is why most people turn to convenience food. This is where the problems occur.

You go to a routine medical checkup and you find out that your blood sugar levels have soared and you weren’t even aware about it. The same happens with hypertension. In fact, there are a number of conditions, also known as ‘silent killers’, which damage your health without you even knowing about it. And all of these conditions have one common denominator – unhealthy diet!

If you are also dealing with high blood sugar, there’s an amazing natural solution that works wonders for this condition –a boiled egg.

Start by boiling an egg. After peeling it, prick it in several places using a fork. Next, place the egg in a container then pour vinegar over it. Let it stay overnight. Eat the egg in combination with a glass of warm water the next morning. Do the treatment for a couple of days, then have your blood sugar tested again. Compare your blood sugar test results before and after the treatment – your blood sugar will be significantly lower after the egg treatment!


Source: healthyfoodteam


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Written by Martin

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  1. Dora Acosta Reply

    How often should I do the egg treatment. Is this an everyday thing? Because I assume this is not just a two day treatment to lower my blood sugar is it?

    • Martin Reply

      Tnx for asking.
      When you have blood sugar disbalace you can use this remedy.
      Tnx for your time and stay in good mood.
      Best regards Health and Wellness Team.

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