Symptoms and Signs of Kidney Stones You Should be Aware of



Kidneys are extremely important organs in the body, as they flush out all unnecessary water from the blood, toxins, and waste, through the urine. The urine, from the kidneys, goes to the bladder, and leaves through the urethra.


However, toxins which have not been dissolved in the body, create stones and crystals. The body manages to eliminate the small stones, but it is unable to do the same with the larger ones.

Therefore, they remain in the body and cause numerous ailments, since they do not allow the urethra to perform its function. When the ureter, which is the tube that links the bladder and the kidneys, is blocked by a kidney stone, the person experiences unbearable pain.

These are the 8 signs of kidney stones that you mustn’t ignore:

Unpleasant and discolored odor or cloudy urine:

In the case of urinary tract issues, especially in people aged between 20 and 40, the urine may change in color and may have an unpleasant odor, which is a result of the toxins and chemicals in the body. Moreover, kidney stones may also change their size and shape.

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In the case of kidney stones, a person often experiences common infections,  including painful urination, urinary infections, and fever.

Kidney pain:

As soon as the kidney stones get stuck in the kidneys, the person suffers an abdominal pain, sudden and severe, which often gets worse with time. Moreover, pain in the genitals or groin, and pain in the back, may also result from kidney stones.

Pain record:

If you have doubt that you are infected with pain, analyze it. Morning pains are more common, because urination is more frequent during the day.

Renal colic:

In the case of this pain, which often goes away and comes back, you will also feel sickness and sweat.

Blood in the urine:

A bloody urine is a common sign and leads to abdominal pain. Namely, the stone and the ureter rub and lead to pink or red color of the urine.

Vomiting and nausea:

When the body cannot remove the waste, you may need to vomit, as the only way to eliminate toxins, since the kidneys do not function properly.

Frequent and painful urination:

Frequent urge to urinate and pain during urination is one of the most common signs of kidney stones, and is a symptom of dehydration.


Source: healthyfoodhouse


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