Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals


Mothers have that natural instinct and they care about one thing only. The health of their children. We all know this is huge importance of them so they care about the food they eat, the physical activity they have, the toxins they are exposed to and many, many other things. Sometimes, they do mistakes which are not aware of it, mistake for example like this:


They bath their children every night with the Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest manufacturer products for baby care. Did you know that this products are filled with toxins which cannot be even near the baby’s skin? Probably not. Well it is time for you to find out what these products do for your baby’s skin and its immune system in general.

The immune system of your child – Toddler or baby, it doesn’t matter, has one delicate immune system. If you put it into bubbles, it won’t be exposed to pathogens and bugs which can be helpful for the work of its immune system and the growth of their other systems. Chronic illnesses, autoimmune issues and poor health can be the side effects of exposing your child to toxins and unnatural ingredients.

The products of Johnson & Johnson are testing your child’s immune system and trigger many immune responses as irritating skin, and leave the immune system vulnerable and it easily can get other pathogens and diseases.

The dangerous ingredients of Johnson & Johnson – Do you read the labels on the backside of the product you buy from this company and why not? Grab the nearest product of it and start reading. Many products that are written on the backside cannot be pronounced and you never even heard about them. The 1, 4- dioxane is one of the toxins that can be found in this products and it is linked to many skin irritations, headaches and liver damage. Also, quaternium- 15 is one of the carcinogens which is found in Johnson & Johnson, it releases formaldehyde and reacts to skin over time.

Alternatives – The Manufacturers declare that they are working on this problem, they are in process of removing the toxic ingredients of the products but this kind of process takes time. This company which you are giving your money to, damages the health of your family and you should stop buying and consuming them.

The problem is strictly in America, other countries have toxin- free Johnson & Johnson products, Sweden, Japan, Norway, Africa, Finland and Denmark.     Companies like Burt’s Bees make healthy products and are good as alternative. Also, Little Twig, Aveeno, Baby Hanics, California Baby are good alternatives, try them all and decide what is best for your baby. Always make best choices for your child, protect him and make everything around him better as much as you can.


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