Every Night He Puts a Wet Towel On The Window. When You See Why, You Will Do The Same



The hot summer nights can cause real problems when it comes to sleeping. A great thing would be if every one of us has an air condition. But, the air conditioner is not a cheap investment. So we offer you 6 simple tricks which will help you to sleep well and save money.


1. A wet towel on the window

Put a wet towel on your opened window which during the hot nights will work as a natural air conditioner.

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2. A pillow in the fridge

It sounds a bit strange, but it really works! We are always looking for the cold side of the pillow, so why we wouldn’t have both of them?

3. Remove all sources of heat from the room

Remove your electronic devices from your bedroom because when they are charging they radiate and transmit unnecessary heat to you.

4. Ice cubes in front of the ventilator

Put a plate full of ice in front of the ventilator if you want to cool off the room before going to sleep.

5. Wet socks

Wet socks will refresh you during the hot nights! Put the socks in the freezer and put them on.

6. Cold bath tub for your feet

One cold bath will cool you off and will help you to easily fall asleep. This will strengthen the circulation toward this body part and they will warm up. It will provide a calming effect and relaxation for the entire body. Enjoy!


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