WARNING: She Almost Died Doing Something That Many People Do At Their Home


All people, especially women, use artificial products and methods in order to improve their outer look, but sometimes, unfortunately,  it comes with a sure deterioration of the inner health.


We will present you a story about a girl, Dinia Rasul, who had a dangerous accident during dying her hair red.

Several hours after dying her hair with artificial hair color, she faced swelling on her face. In just a few seconds she was no longer able to speak nor to see. She was temporarily blinded and had to be taken to hospital. All this happned due to her allergic reaction to para-phenylenediamine (PPD), one of the main components of hair dye.

After three years, she decided to change the color of her hair again, but this time, after the terrible and painful experience she had earlier, she decided to try a product from another brand.

Not only she has been warning women about the harm these products can cause to everyone, but she also sued a lawsuit against the companies which use this material in making their hair dyes.

Now, Dinia is fighting the sale of dangerous products and is trying to ban them in the UK.

After this unfortunate event that happend to her, she recommends all women to use only natural products for their hair.

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