Green Picks Of Spring Onions Have Amazing Positive Effects On The Health, See How to Use Them


Young onion is highly valued food. It happen very often green picks to end up in the trash. But that part of the onions is exclusively for treatment, think about it. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


It helps with colds and regulating blood pressure, fights fungi, stress and fatigue.

If you are bothered by inflammation of the throat, you can get rid of that inflammation using a piece of onion, grated ginger and salt.

Put the previously shredded ingredients together in a towel in order to warm. Wrap well and place the towel onto the inflamed area (head, arms or back).

Spring onions can also help if you are dealing with swollen legs.

Cook the young onions for a few minutes. After that, mix them in a blender until they turn into a paste. Moisten the swollen parts of your body using the paste. This recipe has been used for thousands of years and is very effective.


Source: healthyfoodplans

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