Regulate Blood Fat With This 6 000 Year Old Recipe


The recipe dates back to the era of 6,000 years ago and is mentioned in ancient Greece and the Middle East. The name under which this specialty known pastels and some call it the Greek breakfast.


This is probably the most delicious recipe that you’ll ever taste, but at the same time have such good curative factors.

In the Homer’s Iliad you can read that it was given to the soldiers before battle and it boosted them with energy and strength for the upcoming fights…

Pastel is also mentioned in the ancient Egyptian records where it was mostly used by the women in order to stimulate the hormonal glands. Herodotus, the father of the history called the pastels medicine and delicacy.

What actually pastel is? It is a combination of the two super-healthy foods: sesame seeds and honey.

You can hear some people call it a pie of sesame and honey.

The benefits and healing characteristic of the Pastel!

This combination provides with many beneficial ingredients like: iron, fiber, zinc, magnesium, copper, calcium and many vitamins, particularly vitamin B group and almost all of the vital ingredients for proper health and function of the organism.

A research has proved that this combination that produces synergy of these natural components and is very effective in regulating blood lipid, particularly the cholesterol.

Pastel regulates your heartbeat, hypertension and improves your circulation.

It gives you an energy and strength boost for exhausting work and shrink.

According to a research its regular usage suppresses chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.

It is very effective against chronic stress within 3 weeks of regular intake.

Honey and sesame seeds are very effective in the fight against depression, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and hypertension.

Pastel includes 182 ingredients that are beneficial for our health, particularly the big amount of antioxidants that keeps us safe from cancer development and other severe ailments.

Intake of 1-2 balls before any event will provide you with extra energy.

It is strongly advisable for you to try this incredible food.

The original recipe for Pastel


  • 300 grams of natural honey
  • 300 grams of paste prepared from pure ground sesame

In order to prepare the homemade paste of ground sesame you will need raw hulled sesame seeds and oil by your choice (normally 2 teaspoons oil are required for one or a half cup of seeds, depending on how turbid you want the paste-you can use sesame, olive or sunflower oil). Fry the seeds lightly without adding any fat added until they become golden (5-10 minutes while stirring continually). Make sure you don’t burn the sesame seeds because they will have bitter taste. Once you fried the sesame seeds you can put them in a blender together with the olive oil and blend until you get the paste with the desired density.

Combine the two components in a bowl. They are both in liquid form, but what is more interesting is that while you mix them they will become more solid, a mass which can be formed like dough.

While mixing, you can add crushed walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios if you like. This mixture mustn’t be baked because it will lose many beneficial nutrients and the great flavor.

Shape some balls or any form you desire. Then roll them in whole sesame seeds.

Keep your pastels in the fridge.

Consume 2-3 Pastel balls daily although It may be very tempting experience.

Take this food in moderate amounts because it is a real energy bomb.

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