Forget Hot Water With Lemon! Three Drinks That Do Wonders For Weight Loss



Lemon water is abundant in weight loss properties and we’ve all heard about them, but although many celebrities praise it, we don’t have enough evidence which can support their claims. Warm lemon water, though, can have serious consequences if you consume it really often!


Drinking lemon water more often can damage the enamel on your teeth, and acid can stick on your teeth and do further damage if you don’t rinse your mouth with water afterwards. The daily recommended amount of lemon water is a cup to two. It definitely might help you lose weight, but the following drinks are healthier and safer and can also help you lose weight.

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Cold water

Try drinking a tall glass of cold water instead of drinking lemon water in the morning. It will force the body to spend more energy, thus balancing your weight. 3 glasses of cold water throughout the day will help you burn an extra 100 calories, and doing this every day can help you lose up to 4.5 kg in one year!


Coffee fills your body with energy and 2-3 cups a day can supposedly help us exercise longer and harder, burning more calories in an effective way. A study published in the “Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Health” claims that 2-3 cups a day can help you make up to 20% more repetition during workouts. However, before you drown yourself in the drink, make sure you drink it without sugar and milk, because it’s the only way you can get benefits from it.

Green tea

Green tea can help you get rid of excess weight and has no calories. A study performed on people who drank 4 cups of green tea daily for 2 months found that they had lost 3 kg. more than people who drank only water for the same period. You should always try to drink fresh tea instead of the bottled option because they are full of sugar and have no antioxidants. Try to avoid green tea supplements too, because they can damage your liver and also cause many different problems.


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