In these Cases You Should Never Take Apple Cider Vinegar


You have probably heard that apple cider vinegar is very healthy. It’s true, and you can use it to treat and prevent many health problems such as: arthritis, asthma, eczema, sinus infection, blood loss, fatigue, etc.


However, you should keep in mind that this ingredient has some side effects, it it’s taken in the following 5 situations.

  1. If You Are Having Trouble Swallowing:

Inside of your mouth, the tube that leads to the stomach is lined with mucus membrane, a type of tissue that can burn when exposed to such powerful acid. So, if you take apple cider vinegar on a daily basis and you don’t drink enough water, it can cause pain and make it difficult for you to swallow. Apple cider vinegar tablets can cause burns which is a permanent throat damage. Another possible side effects are heartburn and nausea.

  1. If You Have a History of Blood Clots or Diabetes in Your Family:

Apple cider vinegar can cause an increase in episodes of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, in diabetics. So, if you happen to have diabetes, consult your doctor about whether you should consume apple cider vinegar or not. If you already take blood thinners or you have a blood clotting problem, do not take apple cider vinegar without a doctor’s approval.

  1. If Your Potassium Level Is Low:

This powerful ingredient can cause lowering of potassium levels. And low potassium leads to heart arrhytmias, muscle weakness or a breakdown, constipation, fatigue or paralysis that interfere with breathing. If you take medications for lowering potassium levels, don’t take apple cider vinegar without consulting your doctor.

  1. If You Have Sensitive Teeth/Oral Health Problems

High acid level of undiluted apple cider vinegar can destroy your tooth enamel if you consume it orally. Not only it will give you a yellowish tinge to your teeth, but it will increase your dental sensitivity. In order to avoid this, you can mix the apple cider vinegar with juice or water before consuming. Another option to lower the damage of your teeth is to brush them after vinegar intake.

  1. If You Have Gastrointestinal Problems:

Because apple cider vinegar is high in acid, it means that it can cause serious diarrhea, heartburn and indigestion. So next time you use apple cider vinegar for detoxification, make sure to remember that it has very common side effects. If these side effects do not seem to evade over time, discontinue or lower your dosage.


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