Change Your Dry Skin To Glowing & Smooth Skin With This Mask


Every woman is very conscious about her skin, especially the face skin. Women do literally everything to make their face skin glowing and smooth. Dryness and roughness during the winter season are the most common faces issues. Dull and unhealthy skin can be caused by dryness and roughness.


The products that make your skin smooth and soft in winter darken the complexion of your skin at the same time. These products can be harmful for your skin because they are chemical based.

We have a natural solution to make your skin smooth and glowing if you do not want to use these harmful products.

Rose Turmeric Face Mask


  • Turmeric
  • Gram flour

How to make:

1.Make a mixture between the ingredients that we’ve mentioned above and apply it on your face

2.Let the mixture act for 10 min and  then wash it off with lukewarm water

Notice: You can add some curd in the mixture if you still facing dry skin. For your help, we are also sharing a video. Have a look and enjoy your face like never before.


Video Source: Shruti Arjun Anand
Source: healthbeauty24

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Written by Martin

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