The Worst Food Rotting Your Children’s Teeth


Fruit juice is NOT healthy

As we all know, children love drinking fruit juices and parents let them because they trust the companies that promote this juice and their commercials which give the impression that fruit juice is good for their children. However, this is not true at all, in fact this juice is as bad as every other sugary drink.


DO NOT let those labels fool you

Having a good intention, parents give their children fruit juice before putting them to bed or simply at night, but they are not aware that this is the most terrible thing for children’s teeth.

According to dentists, both children and older people (under 60), are having some dental decay due to excessive consuming of fruit juices.

Fruit Juices vs. Soda drinks

It has been discovered that more than quarter juices on the market are containing much more sugar than a soda can. For instance, one glass of apple juice has more than 9,8 teaspoons sugar in it which is only 2 less teaspoons that a coke can.

The smoothies are not any better – they are containing 7 teaspoons sugar, too.

Moreover, yogurt contains 4, whereas cereal bars 4 and a half teaspoons of sugar, which is also not so much healthy as you may have tought.

It’s not only a children smile that is affected

Unfortunately, fruit juices not only affect the children’s smile, they can also cause other health problems like ear, brain and sinuses infections. In addition, they can affect on our sleeping habits and cause some discomforts as well.

Healthy alternative instead of fruit juice

Don’t listen to the companies that claim they produce 100% pure juices, because it is not true at all. The best natural and healthy solution is to make your own juice with water and organic fruits and vegetables. Make your children home squeezed orange, grape or lemon juice and go healthy!

Tooth decay prevention

In order to prevent tooth decay, take your children to the dentist once a month when they are still young and their teeth start growing. There is even a baby teeth check technique that you can get.


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