Why You Need To Start Brushing Your Teeth With Coconut Oil Today



Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic method and people have used it for thousands of years. It is not only great for your oral health, but for the general health condition as well. It is an additional cleansing method, and all you have to do is swish some coconut oil in your mouth.


Coconut oil will kill off any dangerous bacteria or microorganisms. Take a tiny bit of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes.

Some people like doing it for a little longer. Remember, you should spit the oil in the trash can once you are done with the treatment, because it may build up in your sink and cause some troubles.

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1. Treat bad breath and gum disease

Coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties, and it works great in the treatment of gum disease which is the root cause of bad breath. Coconut oil also helps in the treatment of cavities.

2. Relieve TMJ and jaw pain

Oil pulling strengthens your jaws and relieves TMJ and soreness. Swishing sometimes causes inconveniences at the beginning, but your jaw will become much stronger.

3. Teeth whitening

4. Healthier skin complexion

Brushing your teeth with coconut oil helps in removing toxins from the mouth that usually end up in the body, which is excellent for your skin complexion and also prevents breakouts.

5. Relieve headaches and migraine

6. Coconut oil can relieve asthma and congestion

Scientists still debate over this one. Some experts believe that oil pulling can aid in the treatment of lung inflammation that causes asthma, which is also great in the treatment of bronchitis and congestion. Be careful when using oil pulling in the treatment of serious diseases.


Source: mycentralhealth


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