What Can You Do If You’re Bitten By A Poisonous Snake?



Snake poisons differ from each other – some are stronger than others. If you have been bitten by a snake, you must consult a doctor immediately!


The venomous snake bite is distinctive by the two small marks with a distance of six to ten millimeters between them.

Sometimes, the snake can bite without injecting the poison, leaving only two marks on the skin – this is usually done to frighten attackers.

The symptoms of a venomous snake bite include swelling, numbness, pain and redness in the area.

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Depending on the general health of the bitten person, the symptoms may vary.

Contrary to popular belief, the poison must not be sucked out, as it can still enter the bloodstream through tiny wounds in your oral cavity.The best thing to do is to make a cut connecting the bite marks using a knife, to increase the surface area for better poison dispersion. Then, the bitten spot must be treated by a warm compress, and the person should drink more liquids (preferably water).

Fluids like coffee, tea or energy drinks should be avoided. They can dilate the blood vessels and allow the poison to enter easily.

The bitten person should not panic and move or run, as this can spread the toxins to the other parts of the body.

The bitten limb must be immobilized and a ligation may be required, especially if the bite occurred in the wild.

Proceed with the ligation cautiously, as it can cause more damage if done improperly.

The goal of ligations is to slow down the circulation in the bitten limb, and distribute even pressure over a bigger area.

However, after the bite, the person must be taken to the hospital immediately, where he will be examined and given the proper treatment.


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