How Through Tongue You Can Reveal Your Health Condition


If you have noticed some changes in the nuances of your tongue’s color and they are not just a result of coffee and wine but are constant, it can be a sign of some health issues such as vitamin deficiency, heartburn or some infections.


Bright red color of the tongue indicates vitamin B12 deficiency

If you are deficient in vitamin B12, your tongue will change its natural pink color into bright red. Its deficiency can cause dementia and neurological problems because it is essential for the red blood cells which are feeding the body with oxygen.

If you notice this kind of change on your tongue, you should start taking products that are full of vitamin B such as salmon, tuna, meat along with milk products which will satisfy the daily intake.

White color suggests yeast infection

White color can be a sign of both yeast infection candida and an autoimmune illnes vitiligo. It is about limited pigmentation which often occurs on the face, hands, feet or tongue. On the other hand, candida can be caused by overuse of antibiotics or because of a decline in immunity.

The yellow color is infection

Sometimes our tongue can be yellow due to the drinks we consume such as coffee or wine, but if you notice that yellow color is persistent, it can be a symptom of a heartburn or an infection in the body.

Dark color indicated bad circulation

A sign of a bad circulation and high degree of cholesterol in the blood is dark purple color of your tongue. Most commonly it is a consequence of poor nutrition and lack of exercise which results in bad circulation and lack of energy.


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