Ozone Kills 99% of Mold, Bacteria and Viruses In 10 Seconds, Here Is How To Use It To Treat CANCER


Do you know what is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that is used for cleaning the atmosphere and once it is inhaled, it act as a cleaner for the entire body. If you want to relate the gas to something familiar, you can consider about the smell that you get after a thunderstorm. You can also compare it to the smell you get when you go close to ocean areas or waterfalls.  Yes, the refreshing smell that comes after thunderstorm is of the ozone gas and getting this gas in desired quantity can help in the treatment of cancer. You may also like to know that ozone gas is formed when the UV rays coming from sun breaks the molecules of oxygen. However, nowadays, humans can create ozone depending on their need and does not have to depend on the UV rays of sun. The best part is, “This machine-made artificial ozone is exactly the same ozone as nature’s own,” stated Goldberg.


“Did you know that the lack of health that exists in every single cancer condition, without exception (no matter the location or stage of the cancer), has to do with impaired, oxygen-less respiration of the body’s cells?” states Jane G. Goldberg, PhD, who is a psychoanalyst specializing in working with cancer patients in New York City. This has been known for the past 100 years and its discovery was awarded a Nobel Prize. There is even a treatment for it called ozone therapy. Ozone therapy has been available for many decades; however, the number of practitioners who offer it in the United States is very low.

What is the difference between ozone and oxygen?

Ozone though is made of oxygen used for breathing, it has one more atom compared to the oxygen we need for breathing. While the atoms present in oxygen are stable, the extra atom present in ozone is unstable and always wants to get parted. In some cases, the reaction occurs and the extra atom leaves ozone, making it oxygen once again but with a stronger property.

Who uses it?

Nowadays, doctors in many parts of the world are relying on ozone therapy for the treatment of cancer. Goldberg stated that around 80 percent physicians in Germany now have appreciated the healing effect of ozone therapy. Not just that, a reputed anti-cancer practitioner using ozone therapy, Dr. Horst Kief even claimed that the therapy has helped in reversing AIDS as well. The popular usage of ozone therapy in Germany has made doctors to give approximately 3,000 references of it in the medical literature of the country.

Why it is not popular in the United States?

Though it may sound odd, it is actually the profit margin of the medical facilities that refrain them from using ozone therapy. However, Russia and Cuba prefer to use this therapy, as they are not focused on their profit margins. While Germany relied on this treatment as their economy struggled after the second World War and India, a developing country prefer this treatment to make cancer cure affordable for common men. Getting ozone therapy is simple and inexpensive. All you need is an oxygen concentrator and a small generator for converting oxygen to ozone. While speaking of the profit margin involved in medical science, Goldberg said that none of the machines related to this treatment offer great profit to the doctors.

A few words about ozone healing power

Many of you may find it interesting to know that ozone is 3500 times faster in killing virus, mold, yeast, fungi and bacteria compared to chlorine. It can destroy 99 percent of the total bacteria in just 10 seconds. If compared with chlorine, ozone’s one molecule equals to 3,000 to 10,000 chlorine molecules. Known to be a hyperactive oxidizing agent, Ozone is so far the best way to combat with the disease causing germs. Studies have proven its effectiveness in treating cancer cells as well.

Some of the popular therapies with ozone are

  • Activates immune system
  • Effectively combats with illness by entering the body directly.
  • Inactivates protozoa, yeast, fungi, virus and bacteria.
  • Stimulates oxygen metabolism

Damages to cell

Otto Warburg in 1925 said, “prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (oxygen-less) cell respiration”. This means, when oxygen content of blood is reduced by 40 percent, it leads to pathogenic transformations of cells, which in turn causes cancer in the long run. Supporting the theory, Albert Wah said that most of the diseases occur when blood loses oxygen and gets impacted with toxin depositions. Diseases can be avoided when the body gets normal oxidation required for burning the toxic elements. Warburg in his theory not just stated that lack of oxygen causes disease but also he mentioned, when the blood lacks oxygen, it starts to rely on other inferior alternatives available and choose to ferment sugar in the absence of oxygen. This in turn impairs the respiratory cells of the body and instead of releasing carbon dioxide, the damaged cells gives out lactic acid. The lack of oxygen affects hemoglobin level of blood and it fails to take oxygen from blood, ultimately leading to production of toxic pathogens.

Apoptosis and Freud

Many of you may not have come across the term apoptosis but are familiar with the process. It is actually a scientific name denoting the suicidal agreement of the cells present in human body. This theory has its base in ‘death drive’ first coined by Sigmund Freud, which stated that all cells have to return in to their original form at some point of time. You may also like to know that apoptosis is useful in the protection of living cells from damaged or dying cells in the body. This actually happens when a single cell is sacrificed for preserving the other cells and ensuring normal body function. However, if the process of self-destruction fails, the damage cell keeps on multiplying. Thus, disturbing the usual mechanism and it is this cellular malfunction that leads to cancer, said Goldberg.

The relation between cancer and ozone

While speaking about the positive effects of ozone therapy on cancer patients, Dr. Shallengerger said that the lack of oxygen is not the actual problem when it comes to cancer. The actual problem is that the mitochondria of the damaged cells fail to use the oxygen available. Ozone therapy supports the mitochondria to use oxygen generously, which in turn helps in combating with the disease. Apart from this, Ozone concentrates on the damaged cells and combats with the pathogenic materials that lie without protective layer. It also destroys the cells without the power of conducting apoptosis. Though radiation and chemotherapy also perform the same work, they cannot just focus on the affected cells like ozone therapy does.

In short, ozone therapy is not just useful in treating diseases but also it helps in leading a normal life.

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